Product Testimonials

"R.U. Outside is the only company that builds a boot like the Renegade; it’s geared toward
women riders as well as men. I find it easy to shift my weight on the snowmobile because the
Renegade feels more like a tennis shoe than a boot. It is so light and stable. I enjoy wearing
the Renegade during races because I ride with confidence that my feet and ankles are safe and
stable underneath me. The boot is made to keep your feet warm, comfortable, and light... that
is exactly what it does!"

   Shilah Brown Dalebout–Polaris Factory Racer
   World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb Womens 2003, 2004 Champion
   Rocky Mountain Snocross Womens class competitor

"I have been using your ThumbThing for approximately 20 years, working in greenhouses and other manually-intensive jobs.
Through all of the abuse, the ThumbThings kept my hands and wrists in good shape and reduced swelling and pain.
When they get stinky, they get washed, and are as good as new. I am totally sold on your products.
I also have the BackThing and KneeThings as well and love them too. I find that I have to
acknowledge superior products when I come across them, since so many of the things we buy do not last.
Also, I noticed that the price of the ThumbThing seems to be about the same as the
price I paid 20 years ago, another wonderful thing! "

   Shilah Sue Bradshaw, Loyal R.U.Outside Customer since 1992.

"About 6 years ago my husband talked me into snowmobiling. My first comment to him was,
"if I'm cold or wet I'm going home." Well thanks to RUOUTSIDE boots, jacket and gloves
that never happened. Thank you for the endless miles and memories you've given me!"

   Julie Shisler
   Eden, NY

"I had always wondered if anyone would be enterprising enough to actually make fleece
undergarments. The concept is fantastic, but wearing them is even better than I could ever
imagine! I received 2 pair of the fleece thongs for Christmas, and that is the best gift I have
EVER received! They are extremely comfortable and exceptional quality construction! Be
hard pressed to find me outside in anything else! I highly recommend them for the girl who
has everything!"

  Kristen Wiese
  Farmington, MN

"I had to tell you how great your Teton gloves are! I used them for three winters in Alaska.
We snowmobile all over the state. The Teton gloves were all I used even in the sub zero
days (w/ hot grips). They are warm, dry and give great grip and feel. I just ordered 2 pairs
more and 1 of your stealth racing gloves. Thanks again and keep on riding!"

  Peter Howlett
  Anchorage, AK

"Women's Micro Fleece - top & bottom are the best! After my husband told me how warm
his top was I decided to try for myself! He was right. Not only warm but comfy, stylish and
now in a new color (top only) which I have purchased for this winter! Would have a different
color for each day if they were available. Quite a find! Can't wait to try my new Renegade 3
boots & socks this year too."

  Jill Ravey
  Oconomowoc, WI

"I had a thumb injury earlier this year, I got what's called a game keepers break. The tendon
on the inside of my thumb got ripped from the bone, and a piece of the bone broke off. I now
have a thumb thing that I play basketball with. It helps my thumb so much. (and because it
was purple I could match the school colors.) I'll also throw shotput with it! Thanks for the thumb
thing it has saved my sports for my senior year"

  Mishell Perkins
  Bancroft, ID

"The Kenai Glove is an amazing performer for the money. We snowmobile in upper NH and Canada
and the weather may be warm or frigid on any given day. A guide once told me to use thinner gloves
so that on a warm day you are covered and on a frigid day, you will be able to get the heat from the
handlebar warmers. Some gloves have so much insulation that they actually insulate your hands
against the heat of the handlebars. I was skeptical and so I purchased many pairs of brand named
gloves (all which are now in the bottom of the gear bag). None of these gloves performed for me and
my fingers were often cold. I ordered the Kenai gloves and LOVED them from the moment I tried them.
They are fleece, but are amazingly water and windproof and they wick away the moisture and let in
the heat from the handlebars. They are the only gloves I will wear and I now own 3 pairs. The oldest
pair has been transitioned to regular everyday outside wear and the others I wear riding. I keep the
spare pair in the sleds trunk (just in case). No one can believe that light looking fleece gloves can perform
so well. But they DO perform. Thank you RU Outside for bringing such excellent products to snowmobilers.
We enjoy it much more when we are warm and dry. I also cannot say enough about the boots you offer.
I own the Bridger boot and LOVE it too. But- that's a story for another day..."

  Deb DiCostanzo
  North Chelmsford, MA