DriMotion 4-Way Stretch Men's Boxer Briefs, wicking underwear

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A year-round R.U. Outside favorite, these DriMotion 4-Way Stretch Boxer Briefs are better than ever and ready to ride. Regular underwear just can’t compare. Consider the features: 95% DriMotion material is combined with 5% lycra for perfect fit, support and freedom of movement Moisture-wicking and odor-resistant for dry, fresh comfort Double as compression shorts when you’re working out In a bind, one pair can get you through an entire week, and there’s something to be said for that. Start the wicking process with your very first layer in DriMotion Boxer Briefs, and let them guess why you’re always smiling.

men's size
28-30" S
32-34" M
36-38" L
40-42" XL
44-46" XXL